Aluminium Swing Door

USPs of Swing Door:
1. Secure
2. Good air control and greater accessibility
3. Simplistic design, making it durable and easy to use

Features of Aluminium Swing Door:
● Divider to separate your toilet & bedroom/ living room & kitchen/ living room & bedroom
● Durable Hinge System, capable of taking 100kg load per panel
● Heavy Duty Hinge for smooth operation
● Waterproof aluminium material
● Anti-Termites

We offer our aluminium frame door in 3 different thickness levels. This is to accommodate for various different frames/door sizes.

3 types of frame thickness:
● Type 1: 1 4/8 inches*1 inch (commonly used for BTO metal/wood door frame)
● Type 2: 2 inches*1 inch (used on normal concrete wall size)
● Type 3: 3 inches*1 inch (used on broader concrete wall size)

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