USPs of Swing Door:
1. Secure
2. Good air control and greater accessibility
3. Simplistic design, making it durable and easy to use

Features of Aluminium Swing Door:
● Divider to separate your toilet & bedroom/ living room & kitchen/ living room & bedroom
● Durable Hinge System, capable of taking 100kg load per panel
● Heavy Duty Hinge for smooth operation
● Waterproof aluminium material
● Anti-Termites

We offer our aluminium frame door in 3 different thickness levels. This is to accommodate for various different frames/door sizes.

3 types of frame thickness:
● Type 1: 1 4/8 inches*1 inch (commonly used for BTO metal/wood door frame)
● Type 2: 2 inches*1 inch (used on normal concrete wall size)
● Type 3: 3 inches*1 inch (used on broader concrete wall size)

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Aluminium Swing Door with Glass Panel

● Glass doors, though pricier, have their unique set of benefits. They are as follows. ● Benefits of glass ○ Luxurious feel ○ Elegant design ○ Natural light flow ● Size: 3 x 7 ft ○ Oversized:+$50 - $150

Black / White Powder-coated Aluminium Swing Acrylic / PVC Door

● Monochromatic colours make them seamless blend into most homes decor ● Size: 3 x 7 ft ○ Oversized:+$50 - $150

Bronze / Silver Anodized Aluminium Swing Acrylic / PVC Door

● Good for bedroom or bathroom door ● Size: 3 x 7 ft ○ Oversized:+$50 - $150

Lattice Design Aluminium Frame Swing Door

● Lattice design doors are doors with grid like patterns that are mostly ornate. They can range from simple patterns to highly decorative and unique designs. They are most typically seen in columns of 2,4,6 and 8. The panels for our lattice design doors are available in both glass and acrylic. ● We recommend this type of door to customers with doors above 3*7 ft as the grid like design helps support the weight of larger doors.