1. Space saving
2. Can be installed in tight spaces
3. Easy to use

Features of Sliding Door:
● Divider to separate your toilet & bedroom/ living room & kitchen/ living room & bedroom
● Durable Mechanism for smooth operation
● Waterproof aluminium frame
● Low maintenance

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Glass Panel Sliding Door

● Divides space elegantly without sacrificing on light flow and aesthetics ● For glass panels there are a few options you can consider. ○ We have tinted glass available in Green/Blue/Teal and Dark tinted ○ We also have misty/frosted glass available alongside regular clear glass. ● For homeowners concerned about safety, you can opt for our selection of safety glass. This includes tempered glass, laminated glass and wire glass. ● Size: 12 x 7 ft

Partially Opaque Panel Aluminium Sliding Door

● Sliding doors are versatile not just in their application, but also their designs. There are many options available to homeowners interested in getting one. This door is suitable for those for want some added privacy. ● Size: 3 x 7 ft ○ Oversized:+$50 - $150

Special Panel Aluminium Sliding Door

● Sliding doors are becoming increasingly more commonplace in many households and for good reason. They are incredibly space efficient and also very stylish. Their contemporary designs bring a refined and urban feel to any household. ● Size: 3 x 7 ft ○ Oversized:+$50 - $150